Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homework* Sunday

Homework* Sunday from Emrys Roberts on Vimeo.

I recently I was fortunate enough to get some very valuable advice from another vimeo user and cinematographer, (Steven Dempsey) This new series is something I decided to call Homework*. Basically the content of these video are exactly as it sounds. From our talk I was able to come with various lessons and experiments that I need to perform in order to improve my cinematography skill. This is the first in a series of many that I will be focusing on just trying to study a certian area (location), subject, or shooting technique. Please let me know your opinions of the quality of the video. This is just as much, if not more a learning process for me as it is also trying to show my work.

After finally getting myself over to the forums, I was able to find the great resource everyone has made for the Canon XH and XL series Presets.

This video uses the preset OUTSIDEN (PRESET13.CPF). This particular preset gives the XH-A1 a neutral image for outdoors while maintaining bright whites. Let me know how you think the footage came out.

Camera: Canon XH-A1, 30f, HDV
Editing and CC: Premiere Pro CS3
Music: Stock from

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